Slim is beautiful. Fair is lovely. Sadly, these clichés still dictate the Indian mindset.
Fat-shaming, colorism, pimples & cellulite-related embarrassments are harsh realities that play havoc with the self-esteem of women.
Women have become conditioned to believing in the unrealistic standards of beauty set by society. Their self-worth is so very often decided by others’ perceptions of them.
Being dark-skinned shouldn’t give anyone an inferiority complex, and being fair doesn’t make anyone more beautiful. All skin colors and tones are attractive in their own way. Why be judgmental about them?
Being slim or size zero should never be considered the gold standard for being beautiful. Everybody type and shape is different and has its own balance. What matters more than being slim is being fit and healthy.
People often buy into fad diets and quack treatments to achieve unrealistically

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